f:p podcast episode 02_ LAPKAT by female:pressure
The maker of this second episode of female:pressure podcast is LAPKAT. LAPKAT is Lisa Greenaway, a producer, DJ, sound installation artist and radio maker from Melbourne, Australia. LAPKAT has been producing collaborative spoken word tracks, radio shows and live DJ sets for a number of years now in Australia and Europe, mixing multilingual spoken word and poetry, archival samples and field recordings with minimal bass, electronic and folktronic music from around the world. LAPKAT presents the monthly radio show “La Danza Poetica”, broadcast on Radio Groovalizacion and Chimeres Greece, and podcast fromhttp://lapkat.com/ladanzapoetica. A deep exploration into the many worlds, one world, poetic groove. LAPKAT http://lapkat.com

Caro C – Kindness (2016)
Mo Chan & Broshuda – LIEDFÜRHASE (2018)
AGF – Unity (2016)
Wild Anima – Shanti Sound – Audiograph 20 (2017)
Anna Stereopoulou – Core [electron trailer] (2017)
Prophecy Sun – Trapped (2013)
french_concession – Moon Palace (2017)
imanexperiment – intro||version (2017)
Isabel Nogueira – A Day Before (2017)
Rona Geffen – My Rhythm Line (2017)
Janine A’Bear – The cosmos is a tale that becomes true as it is told, and as it tells itself (2017)
She´s Excited! – Hallo Spaceboy (David Bowie) (2018)
Soela – Yellow Flower (2017)
Sissip – Nothing At All (2017)
Sylvia Hinz – anonyma (2016)
In female:pressure podcast, you’ll periodically listen music mixed by members of the female:pressure community. Around an hour of electronic music where you´ll find the most stunning sounds from around the world and, of course, a lot of good tracks produced by f:p people!
Are you already a member of female:pressure and want to participate? Please, email sylniet@gmail.com for requirements.

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