Miki Montebello is an artist from Baltimore, now based in Brooklyn with dope friends who help him produce. His style is alternative R&B with hip-hop, jazz, folk and rock influences. Blanco Tigre is his debut album and explores love and lust from the end of one relationship into the beginning of another, with a background of NYC grind, pace and vibe.

On the track, Miki says: “For the intro i recorded that in Harlem and this quintessential Harlem guy legit told me to go ugh on the track.The song is in context of the initial decision-making process to end a relationship as it is making you lose parts of yourself that you realize you are not willing to lose to appease someone you love. It felt like a very specific moment to me that hadn’t been analyzed musically but felt universal. Production on this song is by Eddie Res, Hennysee, and Timothy J. Elliot.”


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