JØUR – American Dream

Minneapolis, MN – Alt-pop singer, JØUR, released her captivating new single, “American Nightmare.” The track is the first single off of her upcoming record, Chiaroscuro. The song captures the essence of JØUR’s alt-pop sound with electronic minimalism and angelic delicacy. “American Nightmare” is now available for download across all digital music platforms.

The song, produced by Matt Patrick, is mixed by Evan Bakke and mastered by Huntley Miller. “I originally wrote this song several years ago about blindly following the ‘American Dream’ of getting a job, moving to the suburbs, getting married, having kids, etc.,” explains JØUR. “I felt at the time that my life was flying in the face of conventionality when I quit my 9-5 finance job to pursue art and music and everyone was cautioning me about taking such a huge risk, when for me the biggest nightmare and risk would be to have that version of the American Dream.” The moody single reflects JØUR’s uncertainty and feelings towards America’s stance on social issues and the troubles on Capitol Hill. “My favorite line in the song is, ‘Dust storms are formed from grains of sand.’ It’s wild how our individual decisions, like sand you can hold in your hand, can collectively become something so enormous and beyond our control.”

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Born in Minneapolis, MN, JØUR has been immersed in music since a young age when her mother signed her up for piano and voice lessons. She continued piano lessons throughout high school and then taught herself “pop” piano in college. Part of her inspiration as an adult artist came from Feist, specifically her record Metals. JØUR learned to be delicate, intentional and use her voice like a paintbrush to make art. JØUR believes in empowering oneself through various art mediums; she’s an active dancer, painter, photographer and graphic designer. She is also the co-founder of the Good Arts Collective, a local collaborative arts organization that seeks to empower artists to transition from hobbyists to professionals. As a passionate advocate for artists, she is currently working on a new project “The Musician’s Gym,” a YouTube channel with exercise and healthy travel tips for touring musicians.

Pairing electronic minimalism with elegant musical composition, JØUR achieves what is both timeless and relevant. “American Nightmare” is the first single from JØUR’s upcoming album. Stay tuned as she continues to release more music throughout 2018. “American Nightmare” is now available to download on digital music platforms everywher.


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