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Francesco Bucci, the tubist and trombonist behind Ottone Pesante, has recently released his debut album “ZOBIBOR”, a stunning mix of genres that is difficult to categorize. Recorded live, without any loops or overdubs, Bucci’s goal was to experiment with new sounds and languages using his two instruments, resulting in a unique and truly unforgettable sound.

But this experimentation was not just about composition and arrangement, it also involved a deep and complex relationship between Bucci’s body and his instruments. The solo work on “ZOBIBOR” is a testament to Bucci’s incredible instrumental technique and his ability to create intense and poignant soundscapes that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. His inspiration comes from the great artists who have pushed the boundaries of their instruments, and he follows in their footsteps with his own innovative approach.

“ZOBIBOR” is the result of profound and visceral musical research, but it is also the product of a personal tragedy. The death of Bucci’s brother inspired him to create an album that explores the depths of human emotion and the power of music without words. As you listen to the tracks, you can feel the pain and desperation of someone trying to connect with a lost loved one. The tuba played by Bucci was the same one his brother used to play, adding even more weight and meaning to every note.

The pandemic forced the stoppage of Ottone Pesante’s activities in 2020, but it also gave Bucci the time and space to focus on his creative process. Ideas that had been percolating for some time began to take shape, and before he knew it, he was in the recording studio. What started as two days of experimentation turned into days of recording and mixing, and “ZOBIBOR” was born.

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Every track on the album was recorded entirely using microphones that could capture every sound, from the instrument bell to Bucci’s voice to the mechanical parts used in a percussive way. While the set is mostly acoustic, a pedal board was used to add colour and nuance to the mix. It’s a testament to Bucci’s incredible talent and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with his instruments.


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