Joel Porter is a promising electronic-acoustic folk artist from North Dakota, who is presently residing in Nashville. His new track “Amaranthine” – releasing on July 6th – is a highlight from his upcoming ‘Hiraeth’ EP, out on August 3rd.

“When I wrote Amaranthine, and soon after recorded it with Eric Hillman (Foreign Fields), I had just proposed to my wife, and was elated with the joyous anticipation of what the future held for us… much like a child… curious and excited for all the things we would soon have the privilege of discovering in our lives together. What I didn’t expect to happen in the months following our engagement, was the necessity to break the thought patterns, however familiar or established they were, that took shape in the form of my memories and a familiar attachment to “who I was before” or “how things were”. This song speaks of my discovery of the flickering, feigning embers of my past, how I was keeping them alive through thought and word, and follows my first steps in dethatching from the old revenants in order to focus my love and efforts on building something beautiful in the present day… All with a certain hope that later on, within the infinite and immortal, I’ll be able to reunite with and live in peace with my life as a whole.”


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