Meet Alternative pop-rock UK band, Cape Cub. The band is thrilled to share the new single “Moonglow.” The lead singer Chad Male says, “’Moonglow’ is the first song we’ve put out as a band and it’s a statement of intent for things going forward. Sonically speaking, it’s been hugely influenced by our live set. There’s a wider sonic palette with this single than previous Cape Cub songs and we’ve gone all out. I mean, for the first time we’ve gone for bigger drums, chants, moments of both intimacy and almost over the top grandeur, a sample of a cafe in Copenhagen, and even organs, which is definitely a first. I don’t want to go too deep into its meaning… I want people to have their own interpretation, that’s important. But if I were to capture the sentiment of this song in one word I’d say it was hope. A reoccurring theme in my writing is this idea of a light in the darkness, and that’s what ‘Moonglow’ is about… that no matter how bad things get, there’s always hope.”

Cape Cub started life as the bedroom solo project of award-winning UK based songwriter and producer Chad Male. Now joined by four bandmates, Cape Cub releases their first full band single “Moonglow.” Cape Cub’s emotive and euphoric live shows have seen the band play sold-out headline shows across the UK, as well as sharing stages the likes of Peace, The Temper Trap, Fickle Friends, Picture This, Sunset Sons and Clean Cut Kid. Songs such as “Keep Me In Mind” have found their feet on the worldwide stage, too, with features on hit US TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Deception, following a sync agreement with LA’s Lava Records (Lorde, Jessie J, Trans-Siberian Orchestra). This is strengthening the case of the band to soon make the voyage overseas to play to their biggest listener bases, namely North America and Scandinavia.

The rest of 2018 and beyond is set to be an exciting time for this new band from the UK. From humble beginnings as a bedroom project to the daytime dreams of arena shows, Cape Cub is a band with its wave almost set to break.

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