Ki-Jana Rashaann Raleigh (born December 11, 1995) is an aspiring Hip-Hop recording artist, songwriter, producer, and screenwriter. Rashaann was raised in Harlem, NY by his parents, who would ultimately introduce him to music. His father, Anthony Raleigh was also an aspiring musician, more specifically an R&B/Soul vocalist performing under the alias Tony Raleigh. 

His mother, Kwana Raleigh, is an all-around entertainment lover who was very supportive of her husband’s career desires. Rashaann began rapping at the early age of 7 but remained more focused on pursuing a career in football. However, his career focus shifted to music at age 12 when he learned how to utilize the Apple software GarageBand to record and make beats. Since the beginning of his musical journey, Rashaann has had the support of both parents. Along with his uncle, A-Roc (another KARMA member), and his friends from school, Rashaann would form a music group called DBR. The group had an outstanding work ethic and would go on to perform at their school’s talent show in 8th grade, which marked Rashaann’s first time ever performing. Before starting high school, Rashaann would part ways with DBR but remain in contact, relocating with his family to Columbus, GA in 9th grade and then Decatur, GA the following year.

While in Decatur, Rashaann would work on his develop his craft and meet new friends with similar interests but return to New York every summer to reconnect with the original members of DBR. In his 10th-grade talent show, Rashaann went on to perform for his first time as a solo act, which would reassure him of his potential in a music career. In 11th grade, DBR would change their name to KARMA, as advised by Rashaann’s mother. However, due to separation issues, a majority of the original members would go on to pursue other careers, leaving Rashaann and A-Roc as the only 2 surviving members.

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The pair would continue to make music together and often collaborate with others. In 2013, Rashaann enrolled at the University of West Georgia, pursuing a degree in Marketing. Here, Rashaann would continue to enhance as an artist, performing at various events on campus and connecting with others with similar interests. In 2016, he would have his first professional studio session, another milestone that would solidify music as his career path. In 2017, along with his friends, he would go on to establish KARMA as an entertainment-based organization. In the near future, Rashaann will release his debut project No Previews. No Previews will be a compilation mixtape of music intended to build anticipation for his debut album, Same Dreams. Rashaann sites many artists as influences on his music, most notably Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Journey, Stevie Wonder, J. Cole, Michael Jackson, and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few.


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