Anthony began studying music at the age of 9 when his mother put him into piano lessons. He became obsessed with the instrument almost instantly, playing hours and hours each day. His mother had to pull him off the bench aggressively when the family was eating dinner, and when other people in the house needed to go to sleep.

Anthony grew up an outsider, getting picked on for being overweight and gay. He found a whole new world in piano music that he could escape to, excelling at a rapid rate. Since the age of 11, he was winning competitions at a statewide level and was later accepted into arts magnet school, Denver School of the Arts as a high school student.

While in high school, Anthony began to discover that he had a passion for theater arts and singing. He wrote his first song at the age of 15 and later won the Berklee Songwriting competition for high school students at the age of 16. After winning that competition, Anthony realized that songwriting was his true passion and made up his mind that he was going to move to Los Angeles and become a singer/songwriter. A true Hollywood dreamer.

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Anthony attended CalArts and received a Bachelor’s degree in music, focusing on composition and songwriting. While at CalArts, Anthony starting working on his first EP ‘Living In Layers’ which was released shortly after he graduated in 2010. Since then, Anthony has collaborated with artists such as Beck, Ben Lee, Kristen Chenoweth, and James both live and in the studio and regularly sings on pop demos and commercials.

Anthony is involved in 2 side projects, electronic pop duo ‘Starhook’ and hip indie choir ‘The Silver Lake Chorus’. Both are also set to release albums this year.

Anthony’s music has been featured on ABC Family’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ in 2013 and is soon to be featured on ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’ this year.
Anthony’s music embodies a sense of realism and honesty. He creates an environment for uncomfortable truths to be heard and pulls listeners inward with his emotional vocal style and dense piano harmonies. He will make you cry, but you just might like it.


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