CANCHES is an international rock/indie/blues/pop trio: Daniel Butler (vocals, guitar, and keys) from England, François Guindon (bass) from Canada (Quebec), and Erika Martinez (drums) from Spain. They formed in 2015 in Guatemala, where they were all working at the time. They began playing rock covers until they started working on their own material, heavily influenced by the likes of Ben Folds, (early-to-mid) Radiohead, Phoenix, The Divine Comedy, Tame Impala, The Beatles, and Basque punk-rock.

Their first album, entitled “To The Rescue”, draws on their diverse experiences of living and working in Guatemala as human rights field workers. The songs vary in style as much as the lyrics do in their subject matter, tackling issues ranging from the “white savior” complex to lighter subject matters such as love and relationships. Although some songs are highly political in their nature, and by virtue, quite “heavy”, it´s not all doom and gloom, there also being quite a lot of observational humor, dark comedy, and satire on the album. The band members quit their respective jobs to record the album, dedicating a month to the recording, mixing and mastering process. They did so as they decided it was time to try a different way to raise awareness of and promote civil liberties and human rights: through music.
The word “canches” is Guatemalan slang used to describe anyone with pale white skin. Although the term is considered as somewhat derogatory, the three members of CANCHES started being collectively (and affectionately) referred to as CANCHES by their local Guatemalan community before a band name had been decided on. As the band formed in Guatemala, and sing mainly about experiences in that country, it seemed apt that Guatemalans should name the band. In any event, CANCHES are happy to take one on the chin in the name of all the terrible things their ancestors have done to the world, and as part payment for all the undeserved privileges, they get by virtue of the color of their skin and accident of birth. For more on this, listen to “To The Rescue”!


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