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Emily Carmen is a songwriter, electric violinist and recording artist that represents and empowers the chronic illness and disability community.

Her songwriting is inspired by artists and the songs that got her through the most challenging and devastating time in her life.

“Songwriting and recording my song ideas were the one bit of normalcy I had during a near decade of constant debilitating symptoms of my chronic illness and being forgotten by nearly all of my friends. I used songwriting as a way to heal emotionally and songs became my therapy. I decided to use it as an outlet not only for myself, but for anyone with a chronic illness, disability or any sort of life altering obstacles that has ever felt alone and forgotten.”

Emily Carmen

“1950s Housewife” is not literally about a housewife in the 50s, it is a metaphor for everyone wondering how their life would be if someone or something stayed. The song features a mellotron, violin, guitar, bass and a simple drum part. I write all my songs and record in my little studio at home and I am hoping to be able to have my talent help others see they can keep going even when the world has said to give up on their dreams.

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