“Beaches” is a track from CRÈME’s forthcoming BRÛLÉE EP. The track builds from playful synths to charismatic, contagious melodic expansion, retaining a playful and hook-y vibe throughout.

The theme of “Beaches” centers around the passage of time, and also how half of our lives are lived in dreams. “I feel like we work so hard day after day that our dreams have become our only escape,” Trixie says. “Our dreams are like beaches on the coast of a glittering and unknown future.”

"Beaches” is a catchy, pop-forward effort with a consuming electronic soundscape. CRÈME continues to collage elements in a puzzle-like fashion from different genres to craft music that inspires. She produces the tracks from the ground up, continuing to champion a DIY aesthetic. Like producers in the mold of Diplo and Moby, CRÈME crafts a sound that’s consuming without any stylistic barriers.

“I love how the beat is almost triangular, and kind of marches along under the boppy bassline,” Trixie explains. “I built it up from there like a puzzle and used lots of layered samples of my voice throughout, so many of the parts – like the lead in the drop – are generated from a vocal, and you can hear other vocal arps and bits buried underneath in there too. I wanted to make my voice float through that landscape, pulsating like a heartbeat.”

“In ‘Beaches’ I wanted to create a great drop centered around a melodic lead generated from a vocal sample. I did it in a way that I think is unique; it sounds kind of like a melody from the Far East or something and that really resonates with me. Every time I hear it I get happy! I’ve been listening to a lot of trap and future-ish beat and synth production for the past few years. I love what those guys do. For me, it’s the most melodic and avant-garde use of digital production out there right now and that really turns me on. Plus it’s very connected to stuff like dub, breakbeat, and hip-hop… elements that are ingrained in my soul.”

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