Kool Kat, London-based, Danish artist Kool Kat has released ‘Mentality’ on September 7th, 2018.

This new song, which follows her debut single, Hermetic Beauty, is helping listeners open their minds to the reality of living in an era of post-truth. Kool Kat believes in her art that combines Neo Soul, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

She has produced and written both ‘Hermetic Beauty’ and ’Mentality’. The piano is her instrument, singing and writing her passion, and performance her talent. Kool Kat doesn’t fall for sugar-coating, hype, and superficiality but she believes the best in people. Kool Kat’s an observant woman which shows in her lyrics. Addressing feminism, body positive movement, woman’s worth in the music industry,… she expresses herself in a way to be the most original, poetic and cleverest.

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