From a very early age, Singer-Songwriter- Musician Keri Johnson sang & played the piano by ear, eventually studying the violin Suzuki method at age 5- these early years also strongly influenced by the gospel music of her Grandfather’s church.

Originally from Seattle Washington, Keri won top music scholarships at major universities, going on to study & perform classical/opera in the Northwest, before moving to Los Angeles. In 2012, returning to her childhood dream, she began to compose & write her own original music, playing instruments by ear, creating each song layer by layer- while finding her true “voice” as an artist. Having more recently her 10th self- produced album, “Ghost Town” with an 11th album coming out in October,  Keri’s music is a unique blend of pop & soul with jazzy influences. intricate, emotive vocals & harmonies.

‘One Last Goodbye’ tracks ‘You’re The Light’ & ‘Awaken Me’ both contain emotive lyrics and vocals by Keri and music produced by Guiville. A truly unique dream-pop experience awaits you.

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