An experimental post-krautrock band from Russia. We explore dead bodies of indie, avant-garde, krautrock, darkwave, underground techno, drone, abstract and all kinds of psychedelic and weird music.

Born in Moscow in 1966. The band core is formed by 2 musicians deeply involved in the Moscow rock underground scene since 2000. Inspired by rave uprising in Russia in the 2010-s, Sila and Zichy decided to make an extremely variable and experimentally free live band based on the feeling of techno music and contemporary art. The band manifested never to make the new track the same as before. After the first year of live performances at art exhibitions and illegal underground parties mostly, Teenage Arab migrated to Thailand with 330 kg of synths, samplers, drum machines, guitars, effects and microphones on his shoulders. After six months of work 6 tracks were recorded in a tropics beach house. Teenage Arab presents the first EP on Sept 9 2018, supported by an official video and released by the underground label Not For Fun records. Members Sila – vocals, guitars, synths Zichy – drums, synths, percs.


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