“Skylights” is a catchy track touting sultry R&B vibes, swanky ‘70s synth-funk, and dreamy analog-electro layers wrapped in an everything’s-gonna-be-ok boogie. Produced by Jaz Clemente and Bells Atlas producer Aki Ehara, “Skylights” lyrically is an activist’s response to our current dark times, a promise to staying close to what’s real, a reminder that “hope’s on our side”, and an unapologetic statement that “it’s love’s time to shine.”

Created, composed, and curated by activist border-child Nemo C, Jaz Clemente is an Oakland-based musical experience connecting cultures and people in an expression of movement-inspiring joy. An electro-groove fusion of sultry R&B, jazz vibes, and swanky ’70s synth-funk together with afro-latin layers, disco beats, and honey-dripping harmonies, Jaz Clemente promotes love for oneself, each other, and our collective capacity for transformation.

According to Jaz, the track “acknowledges the difficulties with staying true to honesty and goodness, especially in the middle of chaos. It calls to push through the hard times and to focus only on what is real and does not accept alternatives to that. The end is an explicit chant of our same-ness and an invitation to lead from a place of love.”

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