‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’ has made an immediate impact, debuting on BBC Introducing, before being picked up on by a swathe of music blogs. Now Guillotine Sunbeam is ready to follow this up with a three-track EP that sees him pushing his sound in new directions. The EP opens with the post-punk squall of the title track, Fever Dream; by turns agitated and melodic. 

The heartbeat of the track is a Carpenter-esque synth riff that is gradually engulfed by waves of shoegaze guitars, motorik drums, and distorted synths. This is followed up by the reflective melancholy of Future Fading; cascading guitars and swirling synths give way to a simple but devastating piano-led chorus. The EP is rounded off by the lush, shimmering Drowning In Dust. Rich sub-bass underpins delicate electronics, chiming guitar figures and a haunting vocal melody. Guillotine Sunbeam is the solo project of Yoni Collier. A British music producer, now living in the
Netherlands; Yoni writes, plays, sings and produces all of Guillotine Sunbeam’s music.


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