Exploring the period of extreme vulnerability following the end of a difficult and meaningful relationship, in ‘Broken’ Circus Street have crafted a heartbreak song that manages to be both edifying and life-affirming too. While plucking tenderly on all the fibers of a heartstring with its nostalgic harmonies and extraordinary melodies, ‘Broken’ doesn’t just focus on the painful visceral effects of break-ups, it’s also an acceptance of the situation and a sure-footed step towards recovery. With choruses so addictive they stick with you long after the track has stopped playing, and impassioned vocal performances from both Sam and Jim, ‘Broken’ channels inspiration from Circus Street influences like Lewis Capaldi and Kodaline, while at the same time making something undeniably bold, vital, and spirited.

Channeling equal parts raw attitude and slick pop professionalism, the latter thanks largely to their perfectly harmonizing vocals, Circus Street have been uniquely described in the past as a mixture of ‘salt and honey’. The contrasts and compatibilities in their sound as they effortlessly weave from naked to polished, impassioned to reserved, showcase an exhilaratingly dynamic songwriting partnership. The Reading-based duo, consisting of Sam Brett (vocals/guitar) and Jim Crowder (vocals/keyboard), was formed one night in Oxford after walking past the city’s ‘Circus Street’. Both agreed it would make a good band name, but it wasn’t until later that night when they attended a gig and knocked back a few drinks that the pair decided to form a duo. Circus Street’s second single ‘Lost’ has been streamed over 70,000 times on Spotify and they seek to capitalize on this success with their third single ‘Broken’.


10th November
Sofar Sounds, London

27th November
Servant Jazz Quarters, London (Headline show) Tickets
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November 12th:
Keele University (Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire) – Munch – 12.30pm
Staffordshire University (Stoke-on-Trent) – Verve – 2pm

November 13th:
Loughborough University – Piazza – 12.30pm
Nottingham Trent University (Clifton Campus) – The Point – 2pm
Nottingham Trent (City Campus) – The Loft – 9.15pm

November 14th:
University of Huddersfield – Student Central – 12pm
University of Bradford – Student Central – 1.30pm

November 15th:
Northumbria University – Habita – 1.30pm

November 16th:
Manchester Metropolitan University – The Union – 1.30pm
University of Liverpool- The Courtyard – 4.30pm

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