Supercaan is Greg Milner, Stuart White and Tom Whitfield – Supercaan – a based in Birmingham and London. Their debut album has been written and demoed over a four year period at weekends in lockups, attics, bedrooms and living rooms, before being recorded by Simon Weaver (Free School, Goodnight Lennin, Matters & Lions of Dissent) in his basement studio. 

‘The Bull’ is the first release from the album, which will be released in April. We wanted to make an album that combined the live energy of guitars, bass and drums with layers of pre-programmed sequences, arps and drones to make indie tracks that are anthemic but full of detail and ambience. 

They will be shortly be announcing gigs to support the album’s release and the live band includes Justin Januszewski and Ralph Frost to help re-create the album sound.

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