With a subtle combination of ‘70s stoner rock, early ‘80s post-punk, and California pop, San Diego indie-rock band Secret Lynx began as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Ronnie Dudek. Inspired by the simplicity of early punk rock and post-punk, Secret Lynx creates a modern style of uniquely melodic Indie Rock. The band records and releases their music on Manaloft records, an independent record label based in San Diego.

With their sophomore release Feline, Secret Lynx emerge from the downtempo melancholy that permeated their 2015 self-titled debut and delivers a cavalier rebuttal to their first EP. While their new record represents an energetic shift, Feline retains the lyrical angst and emotion that has become synonymous with their sound.

“The song ‘Feline’ was the catalyst for going back into the studio,” says vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ronnie Dudek. “I had released a snippet of the demo and it got a really positive response, people kept asking how they could get the whole song. The response got us really excited to get back into the studio and record. I really wanted to bring in some elements like simplicity and energy of the punk bands that shaped my musical foundation, When I sing the lyric, “Feline” I felt like I was channelling early misfits, Danzig for life, haha.”

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