Ian describes the track as such: “‘YPSTYCS’ basically lays out the emotional landscape of the whole album, and it was written second (I wrote the whole album in the current track order). As a song, it’s built on the raw excitement of a budding high school relationship, with undertones of the fault lines of illness, substance abuse and depression that will eventually lead to that relationship’s collapse. 

"The glossy ‘80s mode reflects the willful ignorance of a speaker so in love that he can’t see past the youthful excitement of the moment. The song’s retrospective bridge shows this speaker still reeling from this relationship, caught up and preoccupied with speculation of what might have been, yet still unwilling to examine his own role in the way things played out. In this world, the refrain of ‘we’re never coming home’ functions simultaneously as realist critique and adolescent battle-cry”


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