It’s not every day we see blossoming artists who fully self-produce their music, but alternative rocker Troi Irons takes it upon herself to be at the forefront of every creative decision when it comes to her growing discography. Irons became a self-taught guitarist at age eleven with Green Day’s American Idiot, and she later explored classical compositions and even developed skills for bass, piano, and violin. Influenced by Alanis Morissette, The Dead Weather, and Shirley Manson, Irons is generously pushing for an innovative renaissance of genre-bending rock and pop.

Irons’ electrifying new single, “Strangers” is an ode to alienation and discomfort told through brutally honest lyricism and crushing instrumentals. The booming percussion and striking guitar riffs in “Strangers” are absolutely astonishing and pair nicely with Irons’ awe-inspiring, raspy vocals. The infectious line in the chorus, “Blend right in so you don’t kill me / I’m a stranger” speaks volumes as Irons addresses society’s inability to accept those who may not necessarily fit the norm or conform to its trivial expectations. This provides a tasteful preview of Irons’ forthcoming album, currently in the works.

On “Strangers,” Troi Irons exclusively shared with us:

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“My earliest memories are of feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. In a sense, I value this alienation because it forces me to value truth over comfort. A lot of people don’t like that; they’d rather keep their eyes closed, ears shut. So it drives this cycle and I become stranger than I was. And I hate that.


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