Miki Montebello is an independent artist from Baltimore based in Brooklyn. On “Post-Op” a lounge-friendly piano leads a beat that’s precisely aided by lush hip-hop verses. Just after the one-minute mark, a bouncy key-forward beat adds a vibrant, soulful vibe that plays with infectious charm.

Miki’s debut album, ‘Blanco Tigre’, “explores love and lust from the end of one relationship into the beginning of another with a background of NYC grind pace and vibe.” Miki performs regularly in the NYC area with his band The Wednesdays.

“For the song contextually the operation is a metaphor for a breakup. The Post-Op is the recovery from the breakup and re adjusting to a self focused lifestyle by fully removing an ex from your overall life and psyche. This was a very specific moment to me that hadn’t been analyzed musically but felt universal. This is a common thread in how I write music and topics I explore in many songs for this album). I featured my boy Dallas on here because something he always says in context of giving energy to a girl is “if she aint the one she aint the one” so I felt like he could finesse a sort of rap mantra I needed at that beginning section as someone goin through a Post Op. Production on this song is all done by Timothy J. Elliot.”


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