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“Somebody Else” emerges from the depths of a poignant memory, where frontman Ruarri Joseph found himself grappling with the uncertainty of which version of himself he was meant to embody. It was an identity crisis unfolding in real time, a raw and cathartic experience. Joseph explains, “It’s so cathartic to play. Harry’s drums absolutely beast along. He has a way of finding that extra gear just when you think it can’t possibly go any higher.”

The journey towards ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’ was a tumultuous one, teetering on the brink of nonexistence. When lockdown restrictions were imposed, Joseph found himself secluded in his Cornwall home, pondering an uncertain creative future. Meanwhile, his wife Mandy, a resilient mental health social worker, tirelessly confronted the harsh realities of the pandemic. Her unwavering example propelled Joseph to step into the role of a temporary care worker, an experience that would breathe new life into his creative process and influence the songwriting on the album.


“For the first six months of lockdown, my wife suffered from insomnia, which made it impossible for me to complain or mourn the fact that everything I had worked on for the past five years had come to a standstill,” Joseph reflects. “It was a much-needed perspective that made me realize how self-centred my pursuit of William had been—navel-gazing with my head in the clouds when what people needed was someone like Mandy, firmly grounded in reality.”

In their fourth album, William The Conqueror unleashes a tour de force, firing on all cylinders as they explore the delicate boundary between creativity and madness. Infused with compassion for the unsung heroes of the world, Ruarri’s mesmerizing semi-spoken vocals intertwine with swamp-blues-Seattle-scuzz guitars, propelled by the rhythmic foundation of Naomi Holmes on bass and Harry Harding on drums. ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish’ effortlessly merges captivating melodies with powerful ensemble dynamics, solidifying its place as William The Conqueror’s most accomplished and undeniable album to date.

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Fri 23 – Arena – Vienna, Austria *
Sun 25 – Backstage Werk – Munich, Germany *
Mon 26 – Kaufleuten – Zurich, Switzerland *
Wed 28 – Cabaret Sauvage – Paris, France *

* with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats


Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that confronts the complexities of identity while embracing a profound sense of empathy. With ‘Excuse Me While I Vanish,’ William The Conqueror delivers a mesmerizing musical experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.


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