Speaking on “What U", Kelsy Karter states: “I remember one day in the studio I was talking to Ant and Tony about how I’ve always been the girl in the boys club. Being told what to do and say and think and feel. But it’s just not my style to sit back and let others dictate those things. After the Harry stunt, and all the hate that came my way, I wanted to release something that would show my fans that no matter what circumstances you’re faced with, or trouble you find yourself in, you gotta do you and be the best version of yourself, no matter what. I’m not the girl that’s going to sit back and wait for things to happen. If I want something, I’m going to go after it. “What U” represents the spirit of Kelsy Karter, and everyone else on our rocketship to Mars.“

Kelsy Karter is made of tough stuff, and it’s that character that saw her catch fire earlier in the year with the release of ” Harry". Not content with adhering to the norm, Karter considered how Rock n Roll icons of yore would have captured the imagination, and the fake Harry Styles tattoo idea was born. The public reaction was huge globally, with outlets such as Daily Mail. TMZ, This Morning in the UK and more desperate to find out if the tattoo was real. It wasn’t, but what is real is Kelsy Karter. An artist who combines stunning Janis Joplin- esque vocals with an admiration for true grass roots Rock, Karter has been riding a wave of momentum over the past months, with the likes of i-D, TIME, Billboard, Nylon, Clash Magazine and now PAPER rising her acclaim.

Australian radio station Triple J have mentioned Kelsy Karter as a cross between Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey and while there are elements of both, Kelsy Karter looks to stand on her own two feet as an artist bringing back the Golden age of rock to the youth of today. Keep an eye on Kelsy Karter this year.


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