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Sonic Tides is an alternative Belgian 5-piece. Their music varies between noise rock and stoner rock with psychedelic touches.

Their sound takes the listener on a journey through the duality of hypnotising harmonies and a dark atmosphere. The architecture of their songs is progressive and rich with many rhythmic and harmonic changes. The band released their first EP ‘Six Sided Square – 1st’ in 2021 independently and was very well received by the press internationally got airtime on several national radios along with dozens of articles from media around the globe (France, Belgium, USA, UK, …)

The track ‘INSOMNIA’ is an ode to people suffering from insomnia. The lyrics describe the never ending thought loops that keep you from falling asleep even in a state of extreme fatigue.

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“Several band members have had to deal with insomnia personally and the anxiety and derived feelings it creates. We wanted to use those emotions and feelings to inspire us with this new single and bring them to life through our music in this new track”

Musically, the song echoes the mechanics and patterns of Insomnia in its structure just as well as in its dynamic variations. Cyclycal ups and downs. the calm parts are followed up by unexpected bursts of frenetic sounds before falling back down to a more peaceful melody and softer dynamics before coming back up in repeating waves.


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