The Dallas, Texas native has been working on her unique, genre-bending sound since she first started performing at 8 years old. Over the years, she focused on developing herself as an artist, mastering the guitar, piano, and studying vocals and songwriting. Inspired by artists like Justin Timberlake and Ariana Grande, Cope’s music has found a sound that stands at the intersection of radio-ready pop melodies, deeply introspective songwriting, and soulful urban stylings. 

Her debut, “Watch Out For Me” is a booming melodic pop track that hits hard with thumping percussion and hypnotic synths. The bold arrangement, all attitude, and sass, pulses beneath Cope’s vocals, layering the entire sound with a fighters edge. It’s a not-so-subtle warning to the one that did her wrong, and you can sense the culmination of suspicion, exposure, and punishment bubbling to the surface in the banging alarm-bell of a chorus. 

Whether it’s her commanding presence or impeccable vocal timing; it’s instantly clear Cope can fend for herself. Sydney Cope’s, “Watch Out For Me” is a powerhouse pop record with an effervescent R&B flavor that begs to be heard again and again.

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