Timid Deer is a recording project based in Salisbury, UK and consist of Naomi Henstridge (vocals), Tim Milne (piano), Tom Laws (double bass), Matt Jackson (guitar) and Jason Allen (percussion, production).

Their music is written with a partnership of Naomi and Tim. Although Timid Deer started out as an acoustic folk act, our new EP ‘Melodies for the Nocturnal Pt. 1’ has seen an expansion in sound to a more melancholy, indie-focused style. 

The recording process is a fairly glamorous DIY affair, with tracks laid down in a freezing home conservatory swamped with duplo, dinosaurs and an Ikea toy kitchen. If it rained, they couldn’t record due to the hammering on the conservatory roof and we had to hope a local lonely pet dog barking on the estate wasn’t picked up on our solitary microphone. Still, they are really pleased that the EP captures the sound/vibe they were after (thanks to the producer Jason). 

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They are influenced by a wide variety of musical genres/acts including Kate Bush, Portishead, London Grammar and the dynamics of post-rock bands such as Sigur Ros. In addition to releasing ‘Melodies for the Nocturnal Pt. 1’, they have an intention to write/record a follow-up EP later this year.


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