The first of five new singles from TARA, “Second Guess” shows inspiration culled from various acts – like MBV and Slowdive – in its meticulous construction of a hypnotic soundscape, aided by a serene though bustling bass line, layered guitars, and glistening keys. The vocals start in an ambiguous haze, eventually assuming a more soaring tone at the mid-point, prior to beautifully distorted guitars that stretch into the abyss.

“All the songs come from a set of demos that I recorded over the past few years in my home studio in New York City,” says band member Saagar Kurani. 

“I then worked with Wes Deimling (guitarist/vocalist) and try to explain the emotions I’m trying to evoke so that he can then curtail the vocals and the lyrics to match the proper theme of that song. Second Guess was the first of many songs that we worked on and it went through multiple iterations over the last year. The biggest thing we wanted to express with the song was a feeling of nostalgia all the while, experiencing something fresh and new.”


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