AN HOMAGE TO IMMIGRANTS – Venice trio The Great Escape showcase inspiring new music powered short film “Where Do We Go From Here"

“Where Do We Go From Here” is a hypnotic song about leaving the comfort zone, going new ways and being true to yourself and your dreams – even and especially in hard times. It’s a song about personal growth, believing in yourself and allowing you to fail.

Who could be more perfect to tell stories about this subject than people who left their homes, their countries, their friends and families for a better future.
Portraying 30 immigrants from all over the world, TGE show the beautiful variety and mindset foreigners bring to this country and how much they enrich this society. 

Malte Hagemeister: “Leaving your home and your comfort zone takes heart and courage. These extraordinary people tell moving stories of change, growth, hard times, having a dream and trying to realize it.”

Kristian Nord: “Growing up in post 2nd world war Germany we learned that it’s the most important thing to tell your opinion as loud as you can when you see basic decency being stomped on by leading politicians, and minorities and foreigners being denunciated. We wanted to show that the very large majority of immigrants coming into this country are amazing courageous people and not rapists or murderers as suggested by this administration.”

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TGE is a band of immigrants. Kristian and Malte came to California 15 and 10 years ago and Cambridge-born Hanna Leess moved to Berlin, Germany in 2015.WDWGFH is a strong reminder that the USA strive not despite but because of its cultural variety. It’s a clear statement against fear of the unknown and for communication with people of different roots, nationalities, colors or religions.

The new clip to the hypnotic “Where Do We Go From Here” is another documentary style music video by The Great Escape – whose video project “Good Day (In Venice Beach)” received a special award by the L.A. City Council for “capturing the culture and essence of the Venice community”.

The re-release of WDWGFH comes with an epic electronic remix of Robot Koch. Celebrated by the BBC, XLR8R and Dazed & Confused, Berlin-based Koch has long established himself as “one of Europe’s finest producers of the beat generation” (Low End Theory). His new remix of WDWGFH is the latest example of what the legendary John Peel once described as “pop music from the future.”

Born out of the eclectic Venice Beach community of artists and surfers The Great Escape comprises Kristian Nord (drums, bass, production), Malte Hagemeister (guitars, production), and singer Hanna Leess (vocals, keys). Whereas previous albums The Great Escape (2014) and Universe In Bloom (2017) saw them explore the more retro-loving, soulful regions of music history, essentially nodding to personal heroes such as Nina Simone, The Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix, the upcoming album Pulsing Synchronicity marks a giant step for the band, because its playful-yet-minimalist sound is 100% unique, 100% The Great Escape.


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