“Disco Duck” comes from the duo’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Death Star Cadillac,’ releasing on May 22nd. The release shows a funky disco-pop town being churned out of the act’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Because they care about getting their music just right—as danceable as circa-1980 disco and as pop as pop can be—they pack their songs with elegantly constructed hooks. Poster Child’s music is about dancing until you feel like you’re a passenger in a souped-up, science-fiction Cadillac cruising through space toward a distant star.

They sing about the mindless joy of dancing pm“Disco Duck,” which is not the 1976 Rick Dees-recorded disco classic, but an original that has its own wacky and, perhaps, quacky integrity.

“Disco Duck” sports Andrew’s twitchy funk-disco guitar lick and Theresa’s deliciously hedonistic vocal: “Folks say I’ve squandered my potential/On the day-to-day pleasures that come my way,” she sings. “If there’s something that’s worth my time/It’ll be night after night out at the disco, baby/Getting on down, getting on down.”


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