Current Eternal is the project of London-based composer/instrumentalist/singer Nikky French. “Was Anything Ever Done?” continues his ability to concoct intriguing electronic-minded soundscapes. 

“I’ve always been fascinated with the area between past/future, organic/synthetic, reality/fiction,” Nikky says. “We are all living in a world where the lines are increasingly blurring between them all. It is both exciting and scar”. I wanted my sound to in part reflect these dualities.”

The track is “inspired by a question Leonardo Da Vinci Kept asking himself in his notebooks throughout his life, ‘Tell me, was anything ever done?’ It seemed pertinent today as I imagined people looking back at us and asking the same,” Nikky explains. Nikky’s current inspiration stems from our experiences and place in a rapidly changing world and the effect both good and bad on our relationships and the planet.


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