A wistful synth note rings out. It presages The Woods’ stunning new nocturnal single ‘Night Silk Threads’ “We’re all tangled webs of night silk threads / Wandering aimlessly to different beds” go the first couplet, and through its propulsive percussion and the addition of subtle layers ‘Night Silk Threads’ is a song for the fragmented experience of human night of the cityscape. 

It is a song for the lost, the found, the wanderers, the workers, the homesick, the drunks, the lovers, the lovelorn, the grieving, and the mad and the muttering. 

Johnny’s poised and tender vocal is built up through a nuanced and melodic production approach that by turns builds up and pares down the minimal arrangement to make for a slick and poignant introduction to the EP which shares its name.

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