“Memories” deals with paradoxical emotions coming from loss and acceptance. Like a fleeting breeze, memories enliven our lives and become most prominent when facing adversity. Sometimes it’s the death of a relationship and sometimes it’s the death of someone you love. It’s then that you realize that life, in the end, is pure memory.

There is a kind of melancholy which has haunted me thru life. If my voice holds a key to buried memories for my listeners from times gone by, this song delivers the emotion from which my voice was born – “Memories like a fleeting breeze, bouncing back and forth, keep me stripped and bound”.  

I’m very proud of my production on “Memories”. My sound has been evolving rapidly since the birth of CRÈME. Mastering certain techniques has become paramount to me. The artists I love have impacted me, and I think I’m catching up. Now I’m totally stoked to present ”Memories”, it brings together the future and the past creating a moment that I, for one, will always remember.

I’m very grateful for the process I go through making my music. It’s truly cathartic for me to be able to understand my emotions so deeply as they unfold over the course of making a song, building it up layer by layer. It’s like a blueprint getting turned into a house: the emotions grow the words and melody onto the bones that are the bass and beat. I’m so thankful for my DAW and being able to be a bedroom producer in the digital age!


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