Resting confidently within layers of synthesizers and demonstrative drums, Denver, Colorado-based 888’s Critical Mistakes EP and “Everybody Can’t Complain” their latest full-length album, rests a poignant and recurring message- “Don’t give up.” Throughout the course of the infectious Alternative-Electro sounding songs, road-tested frontman Danny Stillman repeatedly reaffirmed the significance and impact of staying the course. 

Regardless of life’s accomplishments and catastrophes, the band, rounded out by (drummer) Danny Cooper, definitely accentuate the importance of continuing on. Critical Mistakes EP opening track and lead single “Critical Mistakes” professes “Come wake me up before I die and never get to live,” before adding “let the tide wash away my critical mistakes”. Unwilling to rest easy, 888 is consistently pushing forward and actively reaching for more. 

That tenacity bleeds through the entirety of their new single “Pins & Needles”. Combining the enlightenment that complements growth in personal and emotional relationships, the single also explores the drive to succeed and change in relationships that accompany this era of life. “Pins & Needles” explores temporary infatuation accompanied by unsurmountable heartbreak. Placed impeccably over an ambience of optimistic and animated orchestration, a contrast of hope and reality are flawlessly achieved.

The duo has come of age as a collective who’ve together spent over a decade conquering numerous styles of music in several different bands. The blending experience with personal growth in both musical taste and talents has culminated into a spry and animated explosion of sound.

888 has headlined Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement Tour, opened for Andrew McMahon, The Rocket Summer, and secured festival appearances at summer staples like Lollapalooza, Firefly, Bottlerock, ACL, Hangout Music Festival and more. 


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