Boston’s eclectic psych-pop duo, The Derevolutions releases their 4th album in 4 years – It’s a Derevolution, Baby. The songs are tropical to their core, seamlessly transcending genres with sugary, complex, and concise arrangements. 

Hooks galore. Unpredictable layers of timeless surf rock, hip hop, reggae, dance, funk, psychedelia, electronica, samples, oldies, new wave, tropicalia, girl groups etc… For fans of old music that sounds new, and new music that sounds old. A truly one of a kind sound, fit for many ears. Good summer vibes.

The album was recorded at the band’s apartment while awaiting their first child. It’s available on all major platforms, and FREE for download on Soundcloud x

Brett – Guitars, Vocals, Production, Arrangements Ana Karina – Vocals, Bass, Cello 


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