We are Inés Bonet and Arsenio Cavada, two friends making music for fun; we work in our studio Rayo Road and the name of our band is Black Mirror (soundcloud.com/blackmirror-music). We create songs and upload them to our social networks. Our professional life is not related to music.

We recently released our second album El Sol De Los Muertos on the label El Hombre Bala Records in Tenerife (Canary Islands). We started back in 2014 when we met accidentally, and as a game we made several spontaneous covers of songs by artists that we admired. We did it during our free time, it was fun but soon we felt need to start composing our own songs, writing our emotions and turning them into music. 

The musical connection between us was surprising and ideas began to emerge immediately. We started to share them on social networks (SoundCloud, Youtube, Hispasonic …) enjoying the simple fact of creating, sharing and interacting with other people. Black Mirror is the dark surface of a display accidentally turned off when we are in front of it, it reflects us and makes us think about our life. Black Mirror’s way of working is based on an individual work in our personal studios and exchange of digital files, which frequently include domestic noises, birds, dogs, crickets, etc. 

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These imperfections make our music is, in addition to music, a capture of the circumstances that existed at that time, everything remains as it was, as a result of something that happened, a photo of the past. Production goes hand in hand with composition in a linear additive work, a bidirectional input dialogue that lasts for a few days per track. There is sometimes a real uncertainty about the end result, often unorthodox and unplanned, but that process produces unexpected fruits and it’s very gratifying artistically.


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