Danish indie crooner Nidam delivers a seductive batch of soul-pop with laidback, summery vibes. With hints of David Bowie and Bryan Ferry meeting Sade, it is sensual and elegant but in no way an 80s pastiche. It is dead serious and refreshingly free of any irony as dark depths hide just beneath the music’s smooth surface.

No stranger to the Northern European music scene, Nidam has previously received loads of aiplay and toured Scandinavia, Germany and the Benelux countries with Danish artists such as Ring Them Bells, Campsite and As In RebekkaMaria. Currently the lead singer of Copenhagen based noise rock outfit Ring Them Bells, Nidam now debuts as a solo artist, replacing walls of noise with smooth pop melodies

Behind him is a team of musicians from Danish acts Chorus Grant and Cancer, and the upcoming debut EP is recorded together with producer Christian Heyman Zinckernagel (release this summer). The first single “You Think It’s Like A Fire” is just made available on all platforms now, and the next one, the lead single “Gentleman” will be released in June. After a summer of debuting on the live scene, Nidam will go into the studio and record the full debut album.

There is something old fashioned about the lead vocal, like a Frank Sinatra or Scott Walker in front of Paul Simon’s band in the “Graceland” era. Yet, you can spot references to new artists like Alex Cameron, Rhye, Blood Orange and Destroyer. It is the great, clean pop sound of the late 70s and the 80s paired with a jazzy saxophone, angelic girl backing vocals, discrete afro pop guitars and hip hop and R n’ B inspired beats.


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