Singer Jon Weston was living a quiet life as a farmer until one day singing on a track for Oakland producer Anton Patzner, revealing a rich, soft-spoken voice and a wealth of words and emotions ready to burst into the world.

FEVRMOON makes minimal, moody music leveraging a palette of found-sounds, digital synthesizers, 808 drum samples and live orchestral instruments. Centered around the humble vocal performances of Jon Weston, producer Anton Patzner weaves a driving, contemplative backdrop, sometimes warping and mangling Weston’s vocals, and at other times leaving them raw and exposed.

Patzner says the following about the track: “The lyrics from this song were taken directly from a shamanic journey that Jon experienced. Shortly after we started our project and made our first song, Jon got really into spiritual stuff and started exploring all kind of spiritual journeying, with and without psychedelics. It’s an inner journey, made with the eyes closed. When Jon came in to my studio write on this song he had just been on a really deep journey the day before and all of the imagery in this song (nature, spirit animals) comes directly from that. It’s a journey of rebirth. Having known Jon before our project and knowing him now, he really has opened up in an amazing way. He used to be really shy and self conscious and now he’s very open and ready to share himself. I think the journeying and music were both a big part of his awakening.”


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