Intaya is comprised of Venezuelan born Pao Pestana and London’s Dom Martin. The two London-based musicians and producers conspired to create their own unique and potent amalgamation of cross-cultural music. Intaya’s sound is a commute to an electric Latin Caribbean Island in a London Tube train.

Pestana and Martin combine their shared passion for hip-hop and jazz with an undeniably present Latin soul and deliver it in an unexpected electronic music disguise. Exhibiting a combination of progressive beats, experimental form, vocal interplay and sophistication of harmony, all tied together with a catchiness that places it firmly in the contemporary music scene.

Intaya are delivering listeners with a refreshing and unexpected combination, perhaps something you’ve never heard before. Pestana explains, “I am naturally drawn to polar opposite styles of music, from very minimal composition, low-end frequencies and catchy melodies to complex compositions, arrangement and harmony. I guess these two worlds influences our music, once we merge them it feels less conventional, this makes my ears smile. We also take inspiration from visuals and situations we imagine, sometimes they come from our memories and dreams and others are completely made up or surreal.“ 

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Debut single ‘Guaguancó’ (pronounced Wah-wahn-co) was conceived whilst Pestana was daydreaming about being back in Choroní in the North Coast of Venezuela under the Caribbean sun. The influence of the country’s stunning magical coastline and surrounding mountains are absorbed into the music with the use of vibrant soundscapes and Latin rhythms. Co-produced by Oli Barton-Wood (Flamingods, Vels Trio, Nubiyan Twist, Tom Odell), the single highlights Pestana’s soulful vocals, textured drums and sun-soaked melodies. 

Martin reveals, “Guaguancó is a homage to a traditional style of music that we love from Cuba that involves powerful interlocking drums, voice and dance. Having experienced it up close in Havana and studied it ever since, I wanted to use it as an influence but not replicate it as such. We built the song with this inspiration as well as the beach of Choroní, this brings a certain vibe, and the music is a nod of appreciation to this style of music and to Paola’s memories of the Venezuelan Caribbean coasts." 


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