Madison Malone is stepping out of her artistic shell, creating music that uses the light to recognise the dark. Her new music is the beauty created beneath the destruction.

Raised in a small farm town in Wisconsin, Madison was an anomaly in her blue collar city. She started sneaking into rural dive bars at the age of 15 to play cover songs, paid only in pizza and tips. After seven years of performing other people’s music, Madison felt inclined to evolve and write about her own troubadour experiences. To pursue this neon journey of self-discovery, the singer-songwriter moved to Los Angeles in late 2016. Through all of these experiences, Madison was developing her personal artistry.

Madison’s new music carries thought-provoking messages, whilst simultaneously transporting you elsewhere, she confides, “I hope my music inspires people to realize the beauty and intricacies of our similarities and differences and that there is strength in both”. With the hope that speaking about her own experiences from an honest and genuine level, it will encourage others to share their own, Madison declares, “We need more stories in the world, people with diverse backgrounds, varying experiences, various lives”.  

Upcoming single ‘Quiet Down’ was produced by Justin Glasco (Ron Pope, Christina Perri, The Lone Bellow), mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, OneRepublic, Radiohead, Delta Rae) and mastered by Grammy-award winning, Hans DeKline (U2, Diplo, Pixies). The track was built upon the saying “love is surrender and I find myself surrendering to you…and it’s difficult” and narrates the beauty of love, how it is unlimited, powerful and everlasting. Sonically the song features soulful raw vocals which glide atop the subtle instrumentation, creating a simple, yet emotive track. Filled with sentiment and vulnerability, ‘Quiet Down’ paints a picture of positivity and universal love.

Having written for artists at Sony Music, as well as performing at some of the world’s largest music festivals including SXSW and SUMMERFEST, where she was voted ‘Favorite Emerging Artist’, Madison Malone is continuing the next chapter of her musical endeavor. With the intention for her music to be the saving grace in times of distress, Madison is on a mission to plaster the sky with the eyes of love & hope. ‘Quite Down’ is due for release summer 2019.


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