Lorine Chia, debuts the video for her addictive new single, “Needed.” The Cameroonian West African-native and Baltimore transplant grew up with music in her soul. From the moment she picked up the guitar and began writing songs, inspired by the musical culture of Baltimore and artists like Coldplay and Kanye West, she knew she found her calling. 

Since then, her career has seen a rapid rise as she’s collaborated and written songs with hitmakers like Machine Gun Kelly, Janelle Monae, Wiz Khalifa, The Game, Jim Jones and Young Jeezy. But it’s her own soulful and distinct sound that has captivated fans, first via her “SoundCloud First” campaign which garnered her over 10,000 streams, as well as the release of her single “Life without a Dream” which premiered on Oprah’s “Queen Sugar.” This year, she was selected by Pusha T as a featured artist for the Adidas Sound Lab Grant, solidifying the hard work, dedication, and passion she brings to every aspect of her career. 

Her work has been featured in major publications including Rolling Stone, Complex, and Billboard, where they’ve praised her honed vocals and trademark style. With her new single, “Needed,” she allows her personality and pumped up positivity to be the focal point on the vocal-driven track.

In the video for “Needed,” Lorine Chia exudes confidence and positivity as she sinks into the expanding notion of falling in love. The simplistic video is a testament to taking time to love yourself before you love anybody else. As she wanders through her apartment in different states of undress, viewers sense the bubbling anticipation and pure bliss she’s experiencing, a charisma that perfectly lends itself to a song wrapped in feel-good vibes. 

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Chia’s affinity for self-love and acceptance lends itself well to the story, one that allows the grooving rhythm and hook-filled melody to speak for itself. 


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