Neuromantics are a four-piece alt-rock band from London. They consist of Daniel (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Andrew (guitar/keyboards), Daniel (bass/vocals) and Edgars (drums).

Originally hailing from various corners of the globe, they were brought together by a myriad of interlinked events which fortuitously lead to their convergence as Neuromantics. 

They each bring to the table a wealth of experience from their previous musical endeavours, channeling it through a range of genres and styles, to present an enchanting and idiosyncratic alt-rock sound which fuses pensive lyricism with impassioned vocals, seductive hooks, and hard-hitting rhythms. 

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The group have taken their captivating live show through a host of renowned London venues and are eager to play further afield as they prepare to release a string of singles in support of their upcoming debut album Crimes of Passion. It was recorded at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios with producer Dax Liniere, and mastered by Sean Diggins. With praise around the group mounting, Crimes of Passion is set to put them on the map this year as they make it a decisive and instrumental moment in their budding career together.


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