The band had its genesis when drummer Nehuen (Nu-Nu) Erazo was brought in to an early incarnation of what would later become Kyoto Lo-Fi. Nico and Nu-Nu connected through their mutual love for Argentinian band Soda Stereo and locked in two of the founding members. After cycling through close to twenty musicians, Gabriel Santana stumbled into the picture. His dedication and dark humor fell right in place with the other two, and then the search for the last remaining member went on.

After a terrible show in downtown Dallas, at the hands of an amateur sound tech, Gabriel decided to ditch Dallas and went to a bar in a neighboring city. There he ran into Paul Arevalo. Even though at first they butted heads, the drunker they got the more they got along. After the music topic arose, Gabriel gave him a copy of a demo he had and days later Paul showed up at the rehearsal space ready to run through the tracks in the demo CD. With all four final members in place the band rehearsed to play in numerous local festivals and a few Austin shows with plans of touring east and west coast consistently once their debut album comes out.


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