Commit the name Ruben Dawnson to your memory now. It’s a name you’ll be hearing often as the young Norwegian artist unravels all the genre-blending and emotionally expressive music he’s been working on over the past year.

He’s making his first entrance with the brilliantly titled ‘FYALMA’, standing for ‘Fuck You Anxiety Leave Me Alone’. How many times have we all wanted to shout that at our inner demons? Well, hit play on this indie-pop gem and you can singalong with Dawnson as cuts the tie to this emotional anchor.

“This is by far the most liberating song I’ve ever written! It’s a big fuck you anthem to anxiety! Like many others, I’ve been struggling with it for a long time… hopefully, this can lift people’s spirit and I hope people will connect with it and scream out the lyrics!! I really want it to reach as many as possible and help create a big “fuck you” wave towards anxiety!! I know it won’t solve any deep issues people might have, but hopefully, it can make someone feel less lonely.” – Ruben Dawnson

Hailing from the cold woods of Norway, Ruben Dawnson is a young artist and producer determined to make a name for himself. His melancholic indie-pop style, infused with raw honesty and emotion, echoes the thematic elements of his influences which include Frank Ocean, James Blake and Tyler, the Creator.

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