Despite living in various corners of the country, Nic, Steven, and Tom spent years writing music together one voice memo at a time––it wasn’t until the three moved to New York City in 2017 when they were able to come together and perform their songs for a small crowd in Brooklyn. 

The crew’s indie pop melodies, bolstered by intricate guitar leads and driving bass were quickly grasped by local crowds, and word of their infectious on-stage camaraderie and energetic live performances quickly spread, leading to a series of sold out shows throughout downtown Manhattan, including landmark venues like Mercury Lounge, Pianos, The Bitter End.

Inspired by the dynamic pace of their first year in New York, the band decided to retreat to an abandoned church in North Carolina for the month of September, where they recorded an original 10 song LP, Good to See You. Working with Brooklyn-based producer Tyler Brown, whose work draws from Electronic Neo-Soul and R&B, helped the band hone their original sound. The songs were then mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer Dan Millice (A$AP Rocky, Al Green, 50 Cent), whose meticulous approach gave Meyru’s music a polished finish. The intention and craft applied by the whole Meyru team has manifested in a debut album that sounds incredibly focused.

The band elaborates on the track: “Wasted Days started in rehearsal one day when Steven brought a guitar riff that he had been working on for a while. The song is definitively very different from our usual stuff. Funky, poppy and out there compared to our normal indie rock tunes. I think that’s what most people like about it though. It allows us to step into a different territory of music and genre. Lyrically its all about the time that you’ve consciously wasted doing nothing but living in the moment and would happily waste again.”

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