Finnish born, London based artist Sätilä, aka Teemu Sätilä, combines a fresh fusion of infectious alternative/indie music with rich pop soundscapes. Having started writing songs at the age of seven after learning the piano, Sätilä spent his formative years in an alternative rock band before moving to Sydney, Australia, where he studied songwriting. His time spent there defined who he was as an artist and the songwriter soon realised his ambition to create something that was entirely his own, eventually heading back to Europe to follow his own sound.

Leading single ‘Like You Do’ was inspired by past relationships and narrates the struggle of receiving love from someone who you think is more gracious and trusting than you are. Highlighting Sätilä’s velvety vocals and impressive range, the track comes to life through twinkling synths, pulsating basslines and vibrant melodies. The musician reveals, “This song has been the defining cornerstone of a bigger body of work I’ve been working on when it comes to production and the sonic vision”. Produced by Mikko Pennanen, the song emulates fragments of Foster the People and Tame Impala, featuring analogue synths and illustrating Sätilä’s goal of blending organic and electronic elements together.

“When I was a kid I listened to a lot of mainstream pop and as a teenager, I got into alternative and indie rock. I feel like that has shaped me more than I thought it did. I know people say indie rock has had its moment but I’m just not sure. It still makes me feel. I think there is room for all sorts of music so why restrict people’s expression just because it’s not a trend and if it still makes people feel something”, expresses the Finnish native.

Sätilä hopes his music will be an aid in times when you feel you are not enough. Through uplifting lyrics and building progressive components, ‘Like You Do’ transforms into the ultimate pep-talk, self-love anthem. He confides, “I hope my music inspires people to live their life to the fullest. Make the change you need to make whether that’s circumstance or your attitude. Make the dream a reality. Love yourself and others. Make every situation better when you come around”.

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Sätilä has seen success with his previous releases garnering close to a million streams on Spotify alone. He has received attention from the likes of YleX (Finnish equivalent of BBC Radio 1), as well as being playlisted on official Spotify playlists in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Canada. ‘Like You Do’ is currently available worldwide.


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