In April of 2019, Lessons From The Dreamtime proved to fans and critics alike with their second studio album, Anticipatience, that the combination of neo-classical, post-industrial texture and world percussion can conjure images from the early formation of the universe. 

Today, the Colorado-based group has announced the release of their third studio album, The Peculiar Treasure of Kings, on Oct 21th, 2019 via Asylum Moon. Unlike Anticipatience, The Peculiar Treasure of Kings is dramatically more ambient, and introspective. 

The song Before our time was improvised around the Cassini recordings of the planets, another song was written around the cockpit recordings from 9/11, yet another features the resonant frequency of the earth multiplied by perfect 5ths until just audible, choruses of frogs, and cello by Rufus Cappadocia all come together to make a coherent soundscape worthy of your ears.


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