War Twins are an art-rock grunge-pop duo based in Los Angeles. Known for their dynamic live set, full of passionate energy, rock n’ roll soul and deep electronics, the band have grown from their small hometowns on the east coast, to a string of successful nationwide tours.

The duo was founded by singer/songwriter Gaetana and drummer/producer James Grey. Beginning in early 2013, the band built a bed in the back of a ‘98 Plymouth Voyager and promoted their first demo on a tour that took them to over 80 cities. Since then they’ve performed close to 500 shows across the country to date.

War Twins are now releasing their new record American Kids. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Sylvia Massy (TOOL, Prince, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty), the release includes the single ‘Right or Wrong,’ out via 6Tetra4 Records. Showcasing haunting melodies, gritty guitars, stomping percussion and passionate vocals, the music narrates a message of empowerment, expressing that anyone can do what they want, even if they had been through hell. Gaetana confides, “To be honest, this project was a way for me to heal. When I began writing for War Twins, I felt a strong desire to give a message of brutal honesty, empowerment and strength. I didn’t know at the time that this was because it was what I needed myself. I am a survivor of rape, domestic violence and abuse, so for me, this project has been about reclaiming who I am in a powerful way, even when it makes me uncomfortable”. The visuals for ‘Right or Wrong’ emphasizes the ideology of female empowerment, with Gaetana dressed in glamorous costumes, she takes vengeance, poisoning her victim, creating an eerie and eccentric vision.

American Kids is comprised of a variety of unique songs, ranging from grungy 90s-Esque, to atmospheric, folky, electronic, and dark, heavy hitters. The release covers themes of sexuality and Gaetana’s story of being in the closet in high school as a pansexual woman, poking fun at her obsession with romance and true love stories and rom-com movies. She shouts about her frustration with parts of western culture and expresses questions and sadness around seeing females, LGBTQ and other beautiful communities oppressed by popular culture and social confines.

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War Twins succeed in bringing in an element to the forefront of their music that allows audiences to feel connected to something big and mysterious, something magical, mystical or spiritual. Inspired by the likes of The Runaways, Joan Jett, St Vincent, as well as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Smashing Pumpkins, the duo have created a fresh sound which bursts with energy and leaves a powerful imprint with listeners.

War Twins have supported international acts such as Wolf Alice, Alien Ant Farm and Filter, with additional performances at SXSW, Catskill Chill, Slingshot and other Festivals. ‘Right or Wrong’ is out now.


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