Born in 2000, Taylor began her forays into music like many of us, by playing cover songs on her guitar. Aged 14, Lissy moved to the USA where after only a few days at her new school, experienced the fiercest of American snow days… a snow day that lasted one week, then another and then another. In these seemingly unending days of snowstorms and isolation, Taylor turned to her guitar playing her favourite cover songs until they inevitably lost their appeal. 

This is when an idea struck her, why not try to write an original song? Taking a familiar chord structure, this is how the lonely British girl found a friend, a confident, a diary of sorts. Over the years, Lissy Taylor continued to refine and distinguish her songwriting, resulting in the cross-cultural style with those riddle-esque lyrics.

Perhaps more influential than this catalytic moment is the following years of being driven around the flat expanses of the US swapping songs with her music-obsessed friends.

In 2017, Lissy Taylor moved to Manchester, England to pursue her study of music. During 2019 Lissy performed over 20 shows, including UK support tour, headlines and festivals.  Taylor released her debut single “Mayday” early in 2020 which featured in CLASH Magazine and gained significant media attention.