Portland dream-pop four-piece Superocean began as CASTLES in 2016. After several years of adventurous, spaced-out indie rock, they renamed and began branching out with synth elements and poppier song structures on the 2019 Superocean EP. 

Now, the band is coming back catchier than ever with the infectious indie-pop groove, ‘When You’re Around’, the second release off their upcoming summer EP. Their two EPs have garnered praise from outlets like The Deli, which writes, “Superocean (Castles) redefine indie with their latest EP… tracks that transport you to a whole other realm sonically.” For the Love of Bands writes, 

“Superocean is living proof that simplicity is sublime; that there is intrinsic value in being unassuming and understated. As a band, they are boundless, able to effortlessly mould to the mind of the listener like water poured into a jug.”